LEGO®-GTA Download

Es wird ein leistungsstarker PC benötigt.

Download DEMO LEGO GTA V2.0.0.0



LEGO-GTA V2.0.0.0 zu V2.0.0.1 Download (5,19mb)



    + added icons for user-system (ESC, Backspace and Enter)
    + Updates now really disabable
    + Added new Fonts
    + Added new car-support (Dynamic loading and so on)
        (Rotate Car by pressing "R" for debugging)
    # Change view with Key 1 or Key 2 + Left STRG
    # Change Weapon with Key 1 or Key 2
    # Fixed FPS-View-size
    # Corrected other little bugs
    # Corrected several name conflicts
    # Corrected some weapon problems

    - Removed some Debug and Error messages
    - Removed dirty socks

    + Advanced user-system with settings per user
    + New weapon-system
    + Camera-zoom (Press right mouse button + scroll)
        -> scroll completely in for FPS-view
    + "Destroyable" car(shoot 50times at it) and block
    + Better damage-system
    + Modified aim-system for shooting (not bug free in first-person view)
    + add szenario "Springfield" for tests
    + add Update-Notifications ingame
    + Better Actor animations


    - Removed car-features (will be replaced)
    - Removed character-designer
    - Removed town-szenario
    - Old weapon-system


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